Dragon Oak Temple

   A place of learning and teaching...


 Dragon Oak Temple is looking at helping individuals to become self empowered.

  To help teach each person about themselves and the world around them, and to connect with their faith and belief.

Differences should be embraced not feared.

Having tolerance toward another religion does not require you to endorse that faith   group's beliefs,

it simply indicates your respect for its right to exist and for its members to hold different beliefs without being oppressed. 

Our goal is to help each individual understand themselves and to grow closer to the Gods around them on which ever level they connect.

To help them grow in faith and understand

the influence they can be to the community at whole.

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We follow a Dragon path and work with these amazingly wise creatures that over see our actions. The Tree is the life and growth of each individual. From the roots being the paths we take as we grow and reach to the unknown. The pentacle is the connection with the elements that influence the world around us and ourselves.

This is a Temple, a dwelling place of the Gods.

This is not a working coven.

We do not teach some of the mysteries found in the intimacy you will find when you join a coven.

We do not do ritual under the flag of DOT.

Ritual requires a bit more intimacy of those participating in the ritual then DOT provides.